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Children who stammer, and their parents, report this regular activity to the BSA as one of the greatest problems of the school day.  The pressure of being the centre of attention for the reply can cause considerable anxiety, exacerbate the stammer, and reinforce the fear of stammering.

Some children who stammer have been known to avoid registration by making an excuse to be late or even pretending to be ill so that they can stay at home.  This possibility of avoiding school commitments, as the child gets older, could lead to truancy problems that have a known link to exclusion issues.

Staff should not make an ordeal out of registration by demanding formulaic replies. 

When a choice of responses is given to all the pupils, as in the video clip, the child who stammers, knowing that he need not answer formally may choose to do so without stress, as Matthew does here.


  • Allow all the class to use an alternative strategy for reply.  Supply or substituting teachers should be provided with information about strategies and given a desk plan.
  • Modern electronic registration systems may solve this problem completely.