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Pupil's view on teacher's role

In the video clip the pupil is talking during an intensive therapy group session. He is obviously very keen to see the teacher, or other supervising staff in the playground, take a very active role in managing children's experiences there.

He talks about the worry of a new pupil in the playground who may find it difficult to join in with the other pupils unless given some assistance by the staff. He obviously would welcome the active support of the adult in this situation but he may not be typical of all children: some may prefer to be independent of the adults and forge their own relationships.

The child who stammers will vary in attitude just as much as the other children and the best practice is for the supervising member of staff to have a quiet word to discover the individual preference of the child. At the same time difficulties emerging should be monitored and concerns dealt with. 


  • Supervising staff should monitor playground activities and be alert to problems, act promptly and provide feedback to parents and child, if appropriate.
  • Some children, whether they stammer or not, prefer staff to actively support them in social situations while others may resent that as interference - check with each individual child.