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About the BSA

The British Stammering Association is the only national charity helping both adults and children who stammer. Originally established as a registered charity in 1978, its mission is to offer support to all whose lives are affected by stammering.

From a small organisation, run by volunteers, it has developed into a truly national charity, running several projects and campaigns and employing a small team of permanent of staff, assisted by dedicated volunteers. Its Constitution, adopted in 2001, affirms BSA's core value: to be an association for people who stammer, run by people who stammer.

BSA Scotland, our Scottish branch, has been established since 2004. Its aim is to support and service the individual needs of people in Scotland who stammer. This training resource is available as a CD tailored for schools in Scotland.

Our Vision: 'A World that Understands Stammering'

BSA Services

  • Local rate helplines in England and Scotland, offering impartial information, support and a listening ear.
  • A series of informative publications for adults, teenagers and children who stammer, as well as employers, health professionals, parents, partners and teachers.
  • A website http://www.stammering.org/ with an unrivalled depth of information on the subject of stammering, as well as links to other web sites around the world.
  • A commitment, through the Research Committee, of eminent speech and language therapists and researchers, to initiate and support research into stammering. The Research Committee can be contacted on research@stammering.org
  • An education service, offering advice to teachers and parents on the best ways to support the child who stammers.

Membership Services

The BSA welcomes membership from anyone interested in the issue of stammering. Membership is available for those aged 16 or over, and the current annual subscription fee is £15 (£5 concessions). Your membership will support the BSA in its work to support all whose lives are affected by stammering.

Members receive

  • A share in the running of the charity through elections to the Board of Trustee and in Scotland, to the BSA Scotland Committee.
  • Access to the BSA lending library and various self-help schemes, such as the 'Telephone Link Scheme' and the 'Telephone Support Group'.
  • Free copies of the quarterly magazine 'Speaking Out', the world's leading lay magazine on stammering, and regular information mailings.
  • Invitations to Open Days and the Annual National Conference, as well as up-to-date information on other events such as talks by leading practitioners in the field and other national and international events.
  • Opportunities to take part in social and awareness-raising events

The British Stammering Association

15 Old Ford Road
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The British Stammering Association is a company limited by guarantee,
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