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Parent perspective 1

This parent is concerned that at the secondary school many subject tutors may not understand the needs of her daughter, even though she plans to pass on full information. It is difficult to ensure that subject tutors will always remember that a pupil stammers particularly as there may be no visible signs. A careless remark may cause emotional damage to the pupil and create a negative attitude to school.

Therefore it is essential that a general awareness of stammering is disseminated to all staff who should be encouraged to listen carefully to speech and pick up on indications that there may be a stammer present. We know that lay people do judge the presence of a stammer accurately once they are aware of the possibility.

Without this knowledge staff could misinterpret behaviour and unnecessary disciplinary sanctions may be resorted to.


  • Give parents the opportunity to communicate concerns to the form tutor who will get to know the pupil well.
  • Encourage parents at parents' evenings to reinforce their concerns with subject staff.
  • Provide general information to all teaching and support staff on stammering.

This mother keeps in close contact with the school so that any concerns can be quickly addressed