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Thanks to:

Pupils and staff

  • Alderwasley Hall School, Derbyshire.
  • Eaton Bank School, Cheshire.
  • The King's School in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Young people, parents and speech and language therapists

  • Southern Derbyshire Speech & Language Therapy Services

Individual acknowledgements

  • Franklin Brook, Honormead Schools Ltd.
  • Sara Forsyth, Alderwasley Hall School, Derbyshire.
  • Keith Haywood, Education and Development Executive, SENAD Group (incorporating Honormead Schools Ltd.).
  • Emma Illingworth, Alderwasley Hall School, Derbyshire.

Members of the British Stammering Association

Examining Board

AQA Board


Acknowledgements to Sam Neill

Gareth Gates

Nicholas Brendon

By kind permission of Phyllis Foundis

This project has been supported by the SENAD Group (incorporating Honormead Schools Ltd.) in the design and production of the material.

CD 2003: Design by Jocelyn Phillips, Music by Anthony Gregory

Written and directed by: Cherry Hughes, BSA Education Officer.

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