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GCSE English Oral Work - Tips and Techniques for Pupils who Stammer


Welcome to the British Stammering Association, your first point of contact for information and support on stammering, also known as stuttering.

This resource concentrates on three main messages aimed at students who stammer.

It is not a revision guide - you'd have to look at your school library for that.

Our three main messages are

First of all, don't be tempted (like many people who stammer are) to avoid thinking about speaking situations. That will make you more anxious, undermine your confidence and will cause you more problems in the long run.

Secondly, oral work takes up a lot of time and can be hard work. Many students find it very daunting even though they don't stammer. So do be prepared to put in the work, and the preparation, and the planning.

Thirdly, remember to work with your teacher and your Speech and Language Therapist. When I stammered at school, speech therapy just wasn't as readily available as it is nowadays. You have this advantage. Please use it!

Cherry Hughes
BSA Education Officer