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Your English teacher will set and mark your oral tasks, according to the criteria set by the Exam Board.

  • You may have the same English teacher for the whole course. 
  • Teachers receive special training from the Exam Board for this. 
  • Teachers can choose what work to set, and can work with you to make the oral tasks as relaxed as possible. 

Your teacher will give assignments for practice in each section of the oral work. Just before your written exams in Year 11 your teacher will choose your best piece from each of the three sections and send your final marks to the Board. 

Work with your teacher so you can complete your oral work! 

You may have heard that if you are very worried about your stammer your school can ask the Exam Board to let you miss out the oral work, and just be graded on the written work if your speech and language therapist and teacher agree.

But generally this is not a good idea, as if you plan in advance with your teacher there is no reason why you cannot complete your oral work just like the other students in your class. Many students who stammer have done well in oral work because they have planned it carefully with their teacher.