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Pupil's perspective

Most pupils in P7 will have concerns about their transfer to secondary school and will be reassured by knowing as early as possible which school they will attend so that they can adjust to the idea.

Opportunities to visit or attend a short induction course at the new secondary school before they start full-time should be helpful in addressing any concerns that they have.

Children who stammer particularly benefit from having as many uncertainties as possible eliminated before they start the secondary school. There are suggestions from the research that these children may tend to be sensitive to change: new timetables and so forth, rather more than is the norm. 

Parents, the primary class teacher and the therapist also have a crucial role in reassuring the child. It is particularly helpful if the speech and language therapy department is resourced to offer any support with a school visit to the secondary school to pass on information about the child's speech needs, as in the 'Communication Passport'.

The BSA would encourage therapy departments to provide training to teachers there if at all possible. 

In the video clip Lucy, who stammers, talks about her experiences of transferring between primary schools and how difficult that was. The move to a large secondary school must be even more daunting. A major concern for the pupil is often the forming of friendship groups. It is very supportive for the new entrant to the secondary school to have some contact with children they already know from their primary class.


  • Give the child as much information about the new school before he starts as is possible.  
  • The child will benefit from visiting the new secondary school and/or attending an induction course there before starting full-time. 
  • If the speech and language therapy department is resourced to liaise with the secondary school that support is invaluable.

Lucy, who stammers, talks about her experience of transferring between primary schools. Secondary transfer may been even more daunting for the pupil.