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This resource


The British Stammering Association hopes that this will provide secondary pupils in Scotland who stammer with effective and practical tips for the successful completion of oral tasks in English.

Teachers and speech and language therapists should also find this a helpful resource to share with pupils who are concerned about the effects of their stammer upon their oral work. It is an updated version of the groundbreaking CD-ROM that was produced by the BSA and sent to speech and language therapy departments in Scotland in 2006 and provides accessible and simple strategies for pupils who stammer to access as they need them.

The BSA knows that many young people who stammer do worry about the oral work required for the English syllabus in secondary schools. Numerous enquiries are received about this from teachers, speech and language therapists, parents and young people.

This resource gives tips and techniques on oral tasks for secondary school English work up to S4 for pupils who stammer. Teachers and therapists provide these, with some good ideas from pupils who do stammer and are taking part in oral work in the classroom.

The resource includes video clips of classroom scenes filmed in a mainstream Scottish secondary school setting. Students with direct experience of stammering (not actors) are shown talking about their own feelings and experiences. The accompanying printable text provides more detailed information about oral tasks and strategies for successfully completing them.

If you're worried about how your stammer will affect your marks for oral work, take the time to go through this resource and discover how you can help yourself to get the best grade you can.

There's no reason why your stammer should hold you back!

The BSA knows of many young people who stammer who have received a good mark for an oral task in English.

Work hard on your oral activities and you can achieve the mark you deserve.