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Don't panic


It's too easy to let panic stop you doing anything about orals until it's too late. When you stammer, you often forget that most students worry about their oral work, perhaps even as much as you do.

If you think carefully, you can remember some of the times when you really achieved well, when other students didn't. Remember that everyone has problems sometimes.

Think about all the people you know - bet you can think of something that each person has a problem with! Everyone worries about something.

Your speech and language therapist will have taught you much more about communication skills than the average student will know. Watch the video clip of the speech and language therapist for advice on answering questions. You need to talk with your teacher about these ideas.

In the second video clip, Alan who is now in S4, explains how he sometimes feels sad about his stammering, but he doesn't let it hold him back as he is achieving very well at school and plans to go to university. Alan does talk with his teacher about having advance notice of any oral work so that he can plan for it in advance.

Good advice from an SLT on asnwering questions in class