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School careers interview


It's very important when you stammer to keep up your confidence and self-esteem so that you can always show your teachers what you know and achieve to the best of your ability.

It helps to remind yourself of all the successes you have had in school.

There will be many when you think about it and you should take pride in them. Most schools try hard to celebrate the achievements of their pupils and you should be pleased when you are congratulated.

Like every other pupil, you should aim to work hard and do your best to use all your abilities so that you can consider suitable careers, as they all will. In the video clip, Alan is talking to his Careers Scotland Adviser about his future plans after he's done his exams in S4. He wants to go to university and is exploring the possibility of a medical degree with the Adviser. Alan is doing well at school and is expected to achieve good grades in his exams. Even though at times he does stammer, it has never prevented him from progressing well.

Before Alan makes the final decision, he may have other interviews and have considered every option. It's important if you stammer to aim for career options that are right for you and take the trouble to explore them thoroughly.

Don't let your stammer hold you back!

Alan talks about his plans with the Careers Scotland Adviser