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Starting secondary school


This can be a worrying time if you stammer and are frightened that meeting so many new teachers will be difficult, especially if they don't know about your speech needs.

If possible, your parents and your speech and language therapist will have visited your new school before you started and passed on information about your speech needs to a teacher to whom you'll be able to talk frequently if you wish.

This may be a Guidance teacher or another one whom the school chooses. All secondary schools work very hard to understand the needs of all their new pupils, as many of them will have all sorts of worries at first.

In the video clip the speech and language therapist explains how she uses a 'Communication Passport' that pupils who stammer can show to their teachers when they join the school. This seems to work very well. If you think this is a good idea, you might like to ask your own therapist about this.

Don't bottle up any concerns that you may have - always talk to your teacher about them.

The therapist describes the 'Communication Passport'