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Pupil's advice to teachers


You will know that your stammer can come and go and affect your English oral work differently at times. Therefore it is very important that you think about how your teacher can best help you when you are preparing and presenting it.

Louis talks very sensibly about how he feels his teachers can best help him, and this open and mature attitude is giving him the chance to get the best marks he can.

Remember each young person who stammers will have different ideas on what is most helpful, when doing oral work.

Take the trouble, like the young people in the video clips, to think carefully about what help you would like.

Talk to your teacher, your therapist, your friends and your parents and be open about what you would like to help your speech needs.

Remember that you can communicate your ideas in your English oral work as well as every other pupil, if you plan, prepare and practise how to do that.

Helping yourself

Like Alan in the video clip, think about ways in which your teacher can help you with your oral work. Everybody who stammers has an individual view of what is helpful because stammering is different in its effects on each person.

You are the best judge of what you find helpful, so take the time to think about it, and then talk to your teacher.

Louis talks about how teachers can help