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Contact between your parents and your teachers


When you stammer, it is always helpful if your parents are able to talk with your teachers about how to help you in English oral work.

This mother explains how she kept in touch with the school and the therapist so that her son was able to make good progress, as his teachers understood how best to help him.

Starting secondary school

When you are starting secondary school, a good link between your parents and the guidance teacher who is helping you will make you feel confident and encourage you to try your best, because any problems that you may have can be discussed. However, as you progress through the school to S4, you may wish to approach your teachers yourself and only involve your parents or your therapist if you do meet with a difficulty.

Assertiveness skills

Sometimes in therapy you may be helped to develop some assertiveness skills so that you feel better able to negotiate with your teachers.

Always remember that your stammer need never hold you back if you accept help and support from your teachers, your therapist, your friends and your parents.

The BSA can always provide leaflets and information too, if any of your teachers would like to learn more about stammering.

A parent talks about the support her son receives in school.