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Pupils' views


In the video clip, Emma talks about her experiences in an Art lesson which left her feeling quite upset about the teacher's attitude to her stammer.

If you do have such an experience in your school, do go and have a quiet word with the teacher whom you know will help you - it may be your guidance teacher or somebody else. Just explain quietly and sensibly what happened and ask if the situation can be sorted out before you start to get really upset.

Sometimes, when a teacher does not know that you stammer and has little knowledge of what to do anyway, mistakes like this can happen and need to be put right quickly. If you think that there's a serious problem with any one teacher, you may wish to talk to your parents and ask them to talk to your guidance teacher with you.

If you think that information on stammering would be helpful for your teachers, then you can always get leaflets from the BSA to give to your guidance teacher to pass on to other teachers.

Remember that the more your teachers know about stammering, the more confident you will feel about doing your oral work in English.

Two pupils talk about their experiences.