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Self-help group


The BSA knows of schools that have self-help groups for pupils who have a common interest, such as stammering, and you may like to talk to your teacher about starting one of these.

The video clip shows a discussion between a teacher and a group of pupils that have met together to talk about stammering. Three of the group do stammer and range in age from 13 to 16, while the rest of the group is drawn from all ages in the school who have expressed an interest in taking part. The setting up of such a group depends on the empathy and interest of an individual teacher who is able to facilitate the discussion.

The discussion here is frank and open, and allows the pupils who stammer to talk about what they find helpful, while the other pupils describe any difficulties that they experience when talking with pupils who stammer.Throughout the teacher is quietly supportive and this group appears to work very successfully.

A meeting of the self-help group for pupils who stammer